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Mediterranean Dinner


Cream of Vegetable soup
Seasonal vegetables combined in a smooth creamy broth

Main Course

Simple Sophistication: Mediterranean style fish
Fresh Charmula steamed, served with asparagus & ripe cherry tomatoes

Clay Oven roasted Turkish Chicken
Oven baked spring chicken in Moroccan yogurt marinade

Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Succulent marinated mushrooms & arborio rice dressed with garlic & walnut oil

Cannelloni Verde
Home made pasta rolled with crunchy vegetables & cheese served with tomato & basil


Green leaf salad
Fresh local lettuce leaves with choice of tangy French or Italian dressing

Aubergine & caramalised onion tart
Roasted vegetables encased in crisp pastry


Tangy Mango Caramel
Smooth custard caramel laced with fresh mango

Simple Sophistication - Melting Chocolate
Luscious rich dark molten chocolate desert

Uzbek Dinner

Salad & Starters

Anor Va Piyozli Gazak - Pomegranate And Onions Salad
Refreshing seeds & juice of pomegranates mixed with tangy onion & herbs

Tovuk Goshtly Va Sabzavotly Gazak - Chicken Salad
Chicken served with cool cucumber & fresh tomatoes dressed in garlic dill mayonnaise

Khassip - Homemade Sausage
Sausage made the old fashioned way with lamb & offal

Main Course

Kovurma Palov - Kashkadarin Pilaff
Rococco@Ashvem signature dish of lamb or beef marinated with garden fresh vegetables combined with basmati pilaff rice

Tovuk Kabob - Chicken Kebab
Skewers of tender chicken slow roasted on laced with aromatic coriander & cumin

Kovatok Dulma - Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas)
Succulent beef or lamb encased in fragrant grape leafs

Accompanied by traditional soft & fluffy flatbreads or pasties stuffed with a variety of meat or vegetables


Khorazm Pahlamasi - Khorezm Baklava
Sweet dough balls stuffed with nuts, syrup & honey

Sugar coated almonds & apricot seeds
Superb served with home-made fig jam & tea


Here is a selection of our amazing cocktails

Monkey Melon Colada
Rococco speciality! A refreshing blend of fresh coconut with white rum, midori and fresh pineapple juice

Ashvem Sea Breeze
A tropical mix of vodka, cranberry, orange juice, peach & lemonade

Mediterranean Pearl
A charming swing of vermouth, vodka & tequila serenaded with lime cordial, lemon juice & blue curacao

Chocolate Fudge Cashew Martini
Vodka, Tia Maria, cointreau, chocolate & cream laced with caramel

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