Sunset Lounge And Bar At Rococco Ashvem Resort, Ashvem Beach, Goa

Rococco Ashvem, Mandrem, Goa Goa Sunset Lounge Rococco Ashvem Mandrem Goa 2
Rococco Ashvem, Mandrem, Goa Goa Sunset Lounge Rococco Ashvem Mandrem Goa
Rococco Ashvem Resort, Mandrem, Goa Goa Restaurant Rococco Ashvem Resort Mandrem Goa

Sunset Lounge and Bar at Rococco Ashvem Resort, Ashvem, Goa, is an ideal place to dine and wine with a bang. Here, you can relish our signature Indian, Continental and Kafkas delicacies along with a sip of exotic cocktails. The lounge bar is a happening spot, an intrinsic part of the resort, facing the sea, the majestic views of the Arabian Sea come as a bonus.

Have a look at the cuisine and fantastic tropical cocktails!

Mediterranean Dinner


Cream of Vegetable soup
Seasonal vegetables combined in a smooth creamy broth

Main Course

Simple Sophistication: Mediterranean style fish
Fresh Charmula steamed, served with asparagus & ripe cherry tomatoes

Clay Oven roasted Turkish Chicken
Oven baked spring chicken in Moroccan yogurt marinade

Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Succulent marinated mushrooms & arborio rice dressed with garlic & walnut oil

Cannelloni Verde
Home made pasta rolled with crunchy vegetables & cheese served with tomato & basil


Green leaf salad
Fresh local lettuce leaves with choice of tangy French or Italian dressing

Aubergine & caramalised onion tart
Roasted vegetables encased in crisp pastry


Tangy Mango Caramel
Smooth custard caramel laced with fresh mango

Simple Sophistication - Melting Chocolate
Luscious rich dark molten chocolate desert

Uzbek Dinner

Salad & Starters

Anor Va Piyozli Gazak - Pomegranate And Onions Salad
Refreshing seeds & juice of pomegranates mixed with tangy onion & herbs

Tovuk Goshtly Va Sabzavotly Gazak - Chicken Salad
Chicken served with cool cucumber & fresh tomatoes dressed in garlic dill mayonnaise

Khassip - Homemade Sausage
Sausage made the old fashioned way with lamb & offal

Main Course

Kovurma Palov - Kashkadarin Pilaff
Rococco@Ashvem signature dish of lamb or beef marinated with garden fresh vegetables combined with basmati pilaff rice

Tovuk Kabob - Chicken Kebab
Skewers of tender chicken slow roasted on laced with aromatic coriander & cumin

Kovatok Dulma - Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas)
Succulent beef or lamb encased in fragrant grape leaves

Accompanied by traditional soft & fluffy flatbreads or pasties stuffed with a variety of meat or vegetables


Khorazm Pahlamasi - Khorezm Baklava
Sweet dough balls stuffed with nuts, syrup & honey

Sugar coated almonds & apricot seeds
Superb served with home-made fig jam & tea


Here is a selection of our amazing cocktails

Monkey Melon Colada
Rococco speciality! A refreshing blend of fresh coconut with white rum, midori and fresh pineapple juice

Ashvem Sea Breeze
A tropical mix of vodka, cranberry, orange juice, peach & lemonade

Mediterranean Pearl
A charming swing of vermouth, vodka & tequila serenaded with lime cordial, lemon juice & blue curacao

Chocolate Fudge Cashew Martini
Vodka, Tia Maria, cointreau, chocolate & cream laced with caramel